Monday, June 14, 2010

Gardens - My Front Garden

I had flowers that liked a bit of shade in my front garden because it got the most shade. Lily of the valley, bleeding heart, Jacob's ladder, Jacob's beard, viola, something i can't remember the name of, another one without a name.

Well, it is so hot and dry here, especially the dry part. And the hot part. I suppose that comes from living in a high desert. But my plants weren't all that happy and were barely hanging in there. So I moved all of them out under the walnut trees. The photo was taken at 3 in the afternoon and facing due west. Out there I have shade. My husband has spent all these years trying to get grass to grow and it hasn't worked. I just moved the plants without asking because grass is never going to grow there and I think my plants will like it better out there.

As you can see from the picture of the front garden, also taken at 3 pm, it gets quite a bit of sun so I planted lavender (7 plants of lavender but only 3 in so far). I also planted yarrow, sugar-bowl clematis, south African river lily, silver edged horehound, purple Ozark beard tongue, pasque flower, blue mint bush (a zizophora not a real mint) and whirling butterflies (guara). In the fall I will a couple of variegated sweet iris. Up on top I left a couple of the Jacob's beard because they seemed to be happy up there since it got more shade and they don't mind the dry as much.

But someone had to dig up all the old bed and then move the plants around back and then replant them and then mix peat into the soil and put down weed barrier and mulch and plant new plants. And that someone took days and days to get it done and in the afternoons just crashed.

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trh said...

You won't forget to post more pics when things start growing? I really want to see the lavender in bloom.