Friday, February 22, 2008

Wip - Dena

Among all the things on my needles are what I am working on more than others.

There is a pair of socks. I am using a pattern out of Nancy Bush's Vintage Socks. The pattern calls for Shepherd Sock yarn in a purple-y variegated and that is exactly what I am using. They aren't very far along cause they keep getting themselves ripped out. First it was because I just didn't like the way it was happening - that after only two inches.
This is the project that lives in my knitting bag/purse and only gets worked on when I am out and about. Well, I restarted it and then, after only an inch, I realized that I had two different size needles. Now I had one sock on one needle and one on the other and couldn't figure out why.
So when I took mommy to the dentist, I ripped the socks out again, looked up the pattern, found out I needed a size 1 needle. Which needle, if any, was a size 1. Mom and I guessed and I cast on and started over.
Now that it is out for pictures, I could check to see what size needle I am using but then I might have to frog it again. Wouldn't it be better to get another inch or so along before checking???

The stay at home project is a big beautiful poncho/sweater thing mom bought for me. Cause I didn't have anything to knit. I have the first of 10 skeins almost gone so I have 10% done. It is soft and warm and snuggly.

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trh said...

I think that's going to be absolutely wonderful! I love the look of it in the picture and your yarn is a nice color.

And remember that it doesn't matter how many times you frog it because you enjoy knitting . . . . .right? I'm telling myself that because it looks like I'm going to have to frog those freakin' socks I started . . . . and they are getting too far and I'm too invested in time to do that without some kinda payback . . . .