Thursday, February 7, 2008

My Shoebox Doll

My shoebox doll is coming along slowly and very unsurely. She has a mattress, a nice mattress plus not one but two pillows. The two pillows are because I was guessing at the size because I didn't see where there were instructions for the pillow and blanket. So I just guessed. And THEN mom tells me there are instructions. Well.
I finally gave in and gave her arms. It does make her look more like a doll. So does the dress. With a dress you hardly even realize that she has no legs. I am considering putting legs on her - but only so her underpants and shoes will stay on.
I am trying to convince mom that we should make them amish dolls. The Amish don't put facial figures on dolls and such because that would make them graven images. I really think we should respect other cultures. Plus I don't embroider so good.


trh said...

You can embroider two little lines for eyes and a couple for a mouth. She's really cute and her bed is adorable. I found the perfect shoebox when I was cleaning Miss M's room the other day. . . . gotta finish 3 or 4 of the projects I have going before I can start one. . . . .

dmr said...

She now has two legs and her underwear is half finished.

If you decide to knit this doll, mom followed the instructions and I followed the pictures. I can tell you which method works best where.