Sunday, February 17, 2008

A Story of Many Parts - continued

A Story of Many Parts

This Being the Part of the Third Part
Part Three

Over in the meadow in a hole in the tree,

Lived an old mother knitter and her

Little knitters three.

"Hurry," said the mother,

"We hurry," said the three, and they

Hurriedly knit all day in the hole in the tree.


trh said...

Alf doesn't run that house, does he? He's a dog and lives like a dog should, on the floor at his master's knee . . . . .

I sure hope you aren't expecting me to rhyme like that . . . . .

dmr said...

One - As I mentioned, I have written my parts and the last will be posted on Tuesday.
From Wednesday on, it is all yours

Second - My guard dog was on his guard perch busily guarding the family members from all dangers. Watching out the window to see danger coming. With his family members close by to protect him so that he could guard.