Friday, February 22, 2008

Guardians of the Frontier

You asked about my fierce guard dog - here is a picture of two of the guardians in action. The are waiting for Bobbie the UPS lady to bring yarn or needles or whatever because she has dog treats, pets, hugs and lets Dolphin climb in her truck.

I have a third guardian but he runs and hides under the blankets some where or behind a desk or somewhere else safe when danger this way cometh. Since he is afraid of people, of people breathing, of people thinking, of there being no people, his absence doesn't tell you much. On the other hand if you can see him, you know there is no danger anywhere within a million mile range.

Speaking of danger - mother slept through the earthquake. My guardians did not feel that it was necessary to warn us of the earthquake before, after or during. Therefore, we must have been in no danger. Mother has learned that Idaho ranks number 5 in the number of serious earthquakes in the nation. We rank after Hawai'i Alaska and California and along side Nevada and Washington (our bordering states).

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