Monday, February 18, 2008

A Story of Many Parts - continued

A Story of Many Parts

This Being the Part of the Fourth Part
Part Four

Over in the meadow by the old barn door,

Lived an old mother knitter and her

Little knitters four.

"Finish," said the mother,

"We finish," said the four, and they

Finished one day by the old barn door.


trh said...

Ok, so tell me, what do you do with that 'guard' dog's hair? Do you cut it or leave it long and how often do you brush him?

And does your son know you posted THAT picture of him on the world wide web?

dmr said...

Trim the hair around the eyes.

My husband kept telling my son that I planned on putting the pictures I was taking on the blog. I very specifically told Thom that I was going to post the picture that I took on the web. He said he understood and it was okay. I think he muttered something about no one important ever seeing it but it was informed consent.

I didn't have a ball to model the baby hat on - just Alf and Thom. For some reason Fred wouldn't model it for me.

trh said...

Smart man that Fred . . . . .