Thursday, February 14, 2008

I Made Mine

Using my sisters pattern, I made hearts. I gave some away early for Valentine's Day but have some left for today.

I did get creative and tried one from the top down - just couldn't resist. It is easier to do but I should have stopped at 4 stitches left (2 each heart) and kitchenered. Next time.


trh said...

Ah yes, very nice. You didn't felt them tho - they don't felt a lot, just a little, when stuffed.

And where are your olives?

dmr said...

Fred took the pointy one cause it looked more "like a heart should look"
Olive You - cuter than cute but we didn't knit any

trh said...

I was absolutely enchanted by the Olive You and so went on a binge and knit a bunchabuncha them. I gave them to peoples I love. . . . Most of whom did not appreciate the thought or the work.