Thursday, February 7, 2008

Alf the Snow Dog

Yes I know this looks like it doesn't belong but this interrupted my knitting so it does.
Alf has a little friend who comes over to play. His little friend is a black lab puppy who must be about 7 or 8 months old now. The black lab looks a lot like Blackie, our black lab who died. Since Blackie taught Alf everything a puppy needs to know, he is very fond of black labs.

Alf's friend (and no I don't know his name) comes over to play because Alf is not allowed to leave his yard and definitely isn't allowed to cross the busy busy road. So the lab was over playing with Alf and they decided to make a snowman. Out of Alf. As you know the hair on this type of dog picks up every leave and twig and whatever. What you may not know is that it also picks up the newly fallen wet snow that is perfect snowball and snowman snow.

So the Lab rolls Alf around in the snow, rolling and rolling until he was packed in snow. I had seen them playing and assumed my idiot child would come in through the dog door if he needed to. Then I heard Alf barking with a whining bark that means he accidently got out of his yard and can't get back in. I went to rescue him and all I found was a snow dog. I brushed most of the snow off before coming through the door. I let him shake of tons more snow in the mud room.
This is a picture of what is left. If you look closely you will see little snow paws. And the underbelly is inches thick with snow that hasn't been taken off yet.
Did you know that the only way to get snow out of a coton's hair is to either let it melt all over the house or give him a bath?
The picture was taken in mom's room and although I was tempted to go with the melting option, instead I gave him a bath. Which took time away from knitting and justifies posting this here.


trh said...

Alf looks like he's hanging his head in shame . . . . but knowing him, I tend not to believe that's what's really happening . . . .

jif said...

At least the dog looks cute... By the way if you look at the blog i made, I put you site's adress. I sure hope thats all right! Post on my blog if it is not