Thursday, February 21, 2008

A Story of Many Parts - The Final Chapter

A Story of Many Parts

This Being the Part of the Seventh Part
or Part Seven
or the Final Chapter
or The End

Down in the south
where the knitting should be done
Lived an Old knitter’s daughter,
her very favorite one
Here’s a gift said her sister
and thank you said the one
And she thanked and she thanked
while the knitting should be done

(Dena was very specific when she said not to break the balloons while removing them . . . . they are still on the washing machine, can I break them now?)


dmr said...

Yes you may break the balloons now, but you MUST do it properly.

a) place balloons on wood formal dining table

b) prick balloons with sharp needles

c) wait while balloons slowly release water - dining room table will capture all the water

trh said...

I would if I had a wood formal dining table . . . . .