Tuesday, February 12, 2008

I am Surely Loving this Boy

This boy asked for a moebius scarf while he was home for the weekend. That was okay - even tho it was Saturday afternoon when he asked and he was leaving by noon on Sunday.

He wanted it to be red and black because the school colors are orange and black and that looked like a bumble bee. Still good because I had some red and black in the same brand even.

Kathy had my needle but we were going over there for supper so I could get it then - even took the yarn with me cause we usually play a game or three after supper.

About 8'ish, I get the needle and cast on - knit and knit and knit. It is looking loverly but too big plus way too thin. The yarn really should be doubled. He is where it is actually really cold and wintery in the winter. Major snow and cold - he is much higher in elevation than us and it is actual Rocky Mountain winters there.

So I rip, rip, rip. And Start Over.

It is coming along beautifully. Four rows of each color, alternating one color all knit, the next all purl so, with the moebius, it is loverly.

As I am casting it off, fluffy headed boys girlfriend says, isn't your mother wonderful, she made you a scarf just because you asked, and she has it all but done. And fluffy headed boy says: It is no big deal, that is a really simple item and shouldn't take her more than an hour. It is nothing really.

It was at this point that I finished casting it off only too discover it was way WAY too short. No problem, after his comments, I gave it too him anyway.

He just looked at it with the stupid man look, and I ripped it out and re-did it longer. But I used the yarn up just the way it came off the frogged scarf and so it wasn't as gorgeous as it could have been.

So here are pictures. Of the scarf and of the boy.


trh said...

Your son has grown up and now looks like a man. Since he knows how to knit himself, you should make him knit his own mobeous scarf. When are you knitting me one of those bag/basket thingies?

CottageCrafts said...

Absolutely Gorgeous!
and you say he can knit too? wow! what a wonderful son/nephew/grandson you all have there!

Love the scarf too, i'm about to knit a skull cap in the same style