Friday, February 22, 2008

EKH Shoebox doll

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trh said...

I think the dresses on all the dolls are wonderful . . . . I'm assuming that's self-patterning sock yarn? or is it color knitting? Either way, they are wonderful.

I was going to start a shoebox doll, but then I felt guilty about the poor doll that's been sitting in a plastic box wishing someone would finish her (him?) for almost two years. So I decided to finish her first. The only problem was that I got her out and I still didn't want to work on her or her clothes. So, I blocked the pieces of the sweater I knit her and blocked the skirt. Then I sewed one tiny part of one seem on her sweater and put all the pieces back in the box.

So, she still has no hair, no face and no clothing. Poor thing. I'll finish her in March - I swear!