Saturday, April 18, 2009

What's knitting? . . . and spinning

First, a gratuitous pic of my cutest sidekick . . . just because I haven't posted enough of her already.

Then, this is the Sahara Sweater pattern by Wendy Bernard of Stitch Diva Studios that I'm making for myself in the Brooks Farm Riata Yarn I bought at SAFF last fall. I love this yarn - it's so soft and so smushy and so lovely - it's wool, mohair and silk so it's bouncy, soft and shiny all at once!

The Toasty Twist socks in Regia Galaxy are more than halfway done. Not sure if I'm going to get to keep them tho, one of those short, strange creatures that I keep running into everywhere I go seems to have taken a shine to them.

And I cast on and am almost halfway thru with the shawl I'm making out of the handspun alpaca. The pattern is a Judy Pascale pattern that I've had for several years and have made before called Eyelet and Garter Shapely Shawlette.

It is very easy and quicker than most shawls because of the simple pattern.
Last, the spinning. I spun another 4 ounces of the chocolate brown alpaca/merino blend from North Star Alpacas. I cannot begin to express how much I love this fiber! It's just so nice and soft and easy to spin and wonderful when spun. And I started spinning the 2 ounces of the white/gray/brown 100% alpaca roving that Maple sent with my last order. I have decided that I love it too, so I ordered more from her. It's a swirl of fiber seconds from three of her alpacas - Pollux, Gunny and Luke. I'm spinning it as fine as I can and then I think I'm going to be brave and navaho ply it.

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