Wednesday, April 22, 2009


The box of water plants from Teresa came. (So did my Phat Fiber box which I haven't gotten to yet.
The plants appear to be (uneducated guesses) Variegated Iris; Variegated Water Celery; Lesser Spearwort; Pink Muhly Grass; and Bog Violets.
They are soaking in water along with lilies and lotus and will get planted tomorrow. Seems I need water plant pots and I didn't realize this. Mom and Fred are out shopping with the car and we will get pots tomorrow and have them planted.


trh said...

first one is the variegated iris, then the water celery, ?bog violets, ?muhly grass, ?lesser spearwort

Will have craig confirm - any questions about planting? Most of those are crown at water depth but the celery can be floated without planting at all if you want or planted deeper than the rest. Not sure how wet the muhly likes it - it's a big grass and has the prettiest pink fluff on it in the fall.

dmr said...

I have to get pots (guessing) and these will all go on the ledges. I guessed number 3 as spearwort and the last one as bog violets.

trh said...

per craig - "From a quick look.....I'd say you have the bog violet and spearwort switched. The last picture is definitely spearwort. As for the lilies, based just on my questionalbe memory of what the tubers looked like....Gonnere is on the left and PBR on the right."

Had him double check what you had. The spearwort is a taller plant and has yellow flowers.