Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Pond 2

Here are the lilies (Perry's Baby Red and Gonnere) along with the Baby Doll Lotus. They are in water and will get planted tomorrow. The lotus will have to live inside until Idaho gets a lot warmer.

I will try to add a picture of the ponds and bridge and their home to be.
Okay - these plants will go in the first pond (see older pictures). This is a 100 gallon pond with a plant shelf all the way around it for the bog plants. The second pond is a 50 gallon pond and the bridge will go artistically between them.
Perhaps you can see the daphne is near the pond, soon to be joined by two more daphnes - a carol mackie and an odora.

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trh said...

Are you going to have any more hard frosts? If not, the lotus is not tropical and should probably be ok. Have you checked the water temperature?