Sunday, April 26, 2009

April Phat Fiber - I'm Phat!

First a picture of Cat showing the proper way to sit in a chair . . . she is very lonely since we lost Jessica and has learned to open any closed door and go on walkabout. She really likes to be with people.

Then there is the Phat Fiber Box. I was lucky enough, or fast enough with that clicking finger, to get a box for me and another for D. This is the yarn that I got this month. I am GOING to order some of the Oriri Draco Yarn - so soft and lovely and nice. And I am also going to order some of the Extreme Spinning bamboo yarn I got in the March box - sooo soft and shiny!!!

I got two patterns in my box. I might knit the Celtic Cable Socks and Miss S has said that she'd like to knit the bracelet. She was wondering which samples had enough yardage for it and we looked and a lot did not. I told her to mix two together but then she got spinning and that thought went out the window.

And I got a few other little goodies - some stitch markers (a little green pepper that I love, a red bead that is gorgeous and a glass bead with flowers in it that is to die for!), some wonderfully smelly mint soap, a little magnet with a bit of fiber and the cutest sheep decoration ever! (Yes, that's lavendar, what color is yours?)

And the fiber - Oh the Fiber!!! There was a LOT of fiber in the box this month which is a really goo thing given that both girls have figured out how to work the new drop spindles!!! Ten vendors sent 14 samples! I know for a fact that I like the Northern Lights Fiber and already bought some of the wild hair recycled soda bottle fiber (haven't spun it yet) Never tried Cloudlover, or Aurora Fiber Arts or Vines, or Tactile Fibers. Never spun bamboo and that Natures Obsession is just gorgeous - wonder how it would look plyed with the dyed by danido? Love the organic sample from Extreme spinning and the bat from Silver Sun Alpacas has got to be a joy to spin!!!

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