Saturday, April 4, 2009

Round Squiggly Wiggly Hot Pads

After reading about the squiggly wiggly hot pads I had to make one. It was fun and I really like it as a hot pad.

Then I was reading about the squiggly wiggly hot pads on Crochetville Forums.
They have some rather interesting discussions and fantastic photos. And one of the entries mentioned doing these hot pads in the round. I searched and Googled but couldn't find the directions.

I worked it out on paper first and the result is the red/blue/pink one. Works okay but the crocheting didn't work out as planned. So I went back to paper and pencil and planned out another attempt. This one worked out as far as crocheting, is nice and thick for a hot pad but I think it could be fuller. Maybe after I get everything else caught up, I will work on the design some more.

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