Saturday, April 18, 2009

A Day at the Beach

Since we go to the beach pretty often, I'm sure that you have been wondering just what, exactly, it is that we do all day every day when we are there. Well, my little buddy Casey decided to help me document how tough a day at the beach can be.

First, you greet the sand. You run on it. You bite it. You dig, dig, dig and then you snuffle and sniffle. Sometimes you can smell crab and when you do, you dig and dig and dig as fast as you can to try to catch that little bugger!

Then, you have to get a tennis ball out and find someone to throw it. They have to throw it over and over and you have to run get it and run as fast as you can to bring it back. Then you throw it back at whoever threw it for you and bark until they throw it again. This is one of the most important things to do on the beach and a lot of time must be devoted to it. Sometimes you have to run thru the water, even if it's a hundred yards out of the way back from getting the ball, just because it's there.

You mustn't forget that the children need help with their castles in the sand.
And Mom needs help looking at all that beach debris for good things - this dead crab smelled really cool. And then she needed help finding this sharks tooth - can you find it?

It's very important to keep an eye on the children when they decide to go swimming. Small dogs don't mind getting wet, but those big waves sometimes scare dogs. That could be because just one wave can toss a small dog quite a ways.
The beach is always best when there is a tide pool and sandbar - the girls like to play in the tide pools and there are no waves, so a little dog can join them. Swimming is fun when there aren't waves trying to drown you!
And you have to maintain a keen lookout for anyone who needs to throw toys - someone MUST want to throw this toy!

Then you head back to the house. Someone always insists on rinsing little dogs off with the hose (COLD water, let me tell you) then wrapping them up in a towel and cuddling them in the backyard until they get dry. Sometimes there are other critters sleeping in the backyard too . . . .

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