Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Spring is Getting Here

Spring is finally getting here. Mom's daphne is starting to bloom. The daphne is along side where her ponds are.

Then around the back of her house, right outside her bedroom window is the lilac that I gave her. The flowers are just beginning to open up.

On the side of her house, facing into the woods of pine and walnut, are her fruit trees. She has a pear (white blossoms), a crab apple (bright red blossoms) and near her front steps is her apple tree with the memorial plaque.

I have added a picture of the plaque so you can read it. Mom got it to put in her garden as a memorial to dad.

You can see her irises popping up around the japanese lantern. There is another half of this garden but I haven't finished weeding it yet, so no pictures. I put a layer of grass clippings over the garden which should fade into the ground in a day or two. If you enlarge the picture with the japanese lantern in it, then look at the left side behind the lantern, you will see a bird on a stake next to an iris. The name of this iris is Elaine-alope. It is a gorgeous purple. Okay, I helped pick out the irises and they are all gorgeous purple. But the marked iris is named after an Elaine and so mom got it.

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trh said...

can't read the memorial plaque - can you tell me what it says?