Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Easter Critters

I made a bunch of Easter critters, Cadbury Bunny, Cadbury Chick and Cadbury Duck.

Mom put a bunny and a duck in the gift basket for her Red Hat Easter gift exchange and the rest are for my sons for Easter.

They were fairly easy to make and quickly done. The pattern called for worsted weight but I had pastels in DK weight so I used that. There was no pattern for the duck, but mom suggested making the chick in white and changing the beak to orange and rearranging it slightly. So when I did that, it made a very nice duckling.

They each have a Cadbury egg inside for stuffing. The first chick and rabbit were on the table and I had put them in my knitting bag when a bunch of little ones were here for me to babysit. The fuzzy white dog got into my knitting bag and ate the Cadbury egg out of the chick. So now I keep them out of the reach of kids and dogs.

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trh said...

Cadbury eggs make fuzzy white dogs throw up. You don't want to ask how I know this. And did you happen to know that your youngest neice collects ducks? She really likes ducks . . . a lot.