Tuesday, April 21, 2009

I forgot

When I showed the Easter presents that Mom sent, I forgot to take pics of these very cool little Knit Kits she sent us. They are so full of every thing you need in your knitting bag - and both girls use the row counters a lot! Thank you so much!

I forgot to take a closeup of the Toasty Twist Socks that I'm making out of the Regia Galaxy that Dena sent me (thank you, I like it a lot!). I've finished the gussets and am working my way down the foot. I'm afraid that I'm going to lose them to my photography model tho - she's decided that they feel really good and she wants to brag about the pattern when she wears them. At least I know that Regia yarn holds up to a teenager.

Now for Today's News. I got this lovely alpaca fiber in the mail today from Maple of North Star Alpacas. It's a blend of fiber from three alpaca - the brown is from Luke, the white is from Pollux and the gray is from Gunny. I would love nothing better than to go meet these fur bearing beauties up in Michigan. Anyway, this is the fiber I plan to bring for the spindling class at our fiber festival. It's very easy to spin and oh so soft and wonderful before, during and after spinning. And, since Maple stores lavender with it, it also smells lovely.

This appeared on the table next to the chair where I knit and spin . . . I think it came out of the bag of scrap fiber I got from Northern Lights Fiber, in fact, I'm sure it did. It might be more frightening if it was gray or black, but I didn't get any fiber that color.

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Alpaca Granny said...

Thanks for the kind words. Love the mousey.