Saturday, April 18, 2009

Presents in the Mail!

Can't show all of the presents because my photographers got distracted by the sunshine! That's what happens when you let them out of the closet they are usually locked up in! And I could only take a side shot of one of the mugs because I think the message on it is secret for my eyes only but the second one says "World Renowned Fiber Fanatic" and I really like that! (Like the other one too!)

There were also Knit Kits for all three knitters (and crocheters) in the house which is a wonderful, fabulous, generous gift. And lots of candy that I think I will let the staff take care of in favor of my waistline!
Thank you very much for the special Easter Presents!!!
I love them and I love you!

1 comment:

dmr said...

I love the sahara sweater and it looks yummy in that perfect purple yarn.

Since I haven't started my socks, you cheated. No one said GO.

With two cups and two fists, you can now be a two fisted coffee drinker.