Friday, April 13, 2012

Teresa Needs your Help

Teresa is going to be a grandma with the baby due at Christmas time.

She is very bad about making decisions, especially in a timely manner so I thought we could all help her out with names for the baby.

Mom and I came up with some suggestions:

Merry or Mary
Joyelle or Noelle
for a boy Noel or Nicholas or Balthasar or Casper or Christian or Cristobal or Emmanuel
but since we are hoping for a girl back to girls names

Joyce (cause then the next one could be ReJoyce)
Holly  Christine Christina Christy   Eve  or Christy Eve
Carol  Gloria  Merilee Merilee  Natalie  Stella, Estella, Esther, Serenity  Snow  Lucia
with a spanish influence (spanish influence very good) Navidad
with a Quechua influence
Chicha; Coya  Curaca  Urpi (Joy) Kusiya (Joy) Illary (Rainbow)  {Tica (flower)  this name is already taken - sorry}  Saywa  Illa Killa  K'antu  Kusi  Mayu Chaska Kiyari (moonlight)
yana (black) Yuraj (white) ch'ixchi (gray) ch'unpi (brown) puka (red) willapi (orange)  k'eelu (yellow) k'omer (green) sut'ijankas (blue)  kulli (purple)

manay (boys name Love)

Any thoughts or suggestions.


 That's La Negrita on the left and Kizmet on the right.

 This is Kizmet from the front . . . she has a gorgeous face.

This is Kizmet, 'my' alpaca.  She is the one that's pregnant.   The "baby" that needs a name is her cria.  But I think we have a long way to go before we start picking out names.


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Teresa said...

I wanna see what she looks like before I name her . . . and it WILL be a her.