Thursday, April 12, 2012

Peony . . . maybe?

This is the Peony plant that I bough when I visited Idaho 3 years ago.  It was just a root in one of those plastic bags they sell them in that I bought at Bi-Mart (where Fred worked until he retired a few weeks ago).  This one got buds last year but didn't end up blooming.  It has three buds this year and this one is about an inch in diameter.  I'm really hoping for a flower - cross your fingers for me!  If it does bloom, expect a picture cuz I'm sure gonna take a few.

 These are the sweet shrub cuttings that Girl Far From Home and I collected on campus when I brought her home for Spring Break.  They don't have roots yet, but I'm really hoping at least some of them will get some and become bushes for me.  Girl found out that Sweet Shrub or Spice Bush makes a good tea and the tea is good for arthritis.  I have always loved the blooms on this plant so here's hoping!

And these are weeping willow tree cuttings - they do have roots but no leaves.  I'm hoping that they will survive too.  I haven't had great luck with these so far . . . I can get them to root, but not to survive the transition to dirt afterward.  


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Dena said...

Put that green thumb of yours to work.

Oh, and go outside and sit with them. You can knit and talk to them and they will be so happy they will grow and grow.