Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Belated Thank You's

I've been so bad!  I got these two packages in the mail a while ago and still haven't thanked the senders!
First up is a prize pack that Tattin' Kat sent me.  She had a contest here when her new baby was on the way - two prizes, one for the date/time of delivery and one for a new 'blogosphere' name for the little darling.   I didn't win the date/time but she liked my suggestion of Mouse to go with her other little Kitten so I won too!  Well, Kat sent me this really lovely little bag and three balls of thread as a prize and I forgot to thank her.  I'm so sorry Kat - Thank you so much!  I especially love the little bag - terrific for a shuttle and ball of thread in my larger knitting bag or purse.

And this lovely package arrived from Bonnie of Bonnie's Tatting Blog.  She sent these goodies as part of an exchange we did and I just love them!  I always love HDT and rarely treat myself to it.  And she blinged the shuttles too!  I love it Bonnie, thanks so much!