Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Idaho Wine Country

 I love how the snow sticks to just part of the post and sign.

This is Idaho Wine country - just gorgeous, isn't it?

This is the Sawtooth Winery - one of my favorite.  Dena says I should broaden my horizons and visit some new wineries but I don't see why when I have several that I really love so much.

 This is also Idaho wine country.  Miles from anything - even paved roads.

This is the 3 Horse Ranch Wine Tasting Room - another terrific Idaho wine.

See?  Miles from anything - lots and lots of sage brush and a dirt road.

 Gorgeous vistas.

 And a lovely winery.

 Something for everyone!

And, Dena didn't drive on a single dirt road - she's not allowed to drive on dirt roads and there are a lot of them out there.  See?  She didn't drive on any dirt roads.

Lest you think I just tasted and did not buy - that is 38 bottles of wine sitting in my garage.  There were more, but we already drank a bunch of them.  There is another case being shipped out this week.  You'll notice that the whites are on the right and the reds are on the left (with two lonely pinks in the middle).  I drink white, he drinks red.  He got a LOT more wine than I did.  But, the wine club I joined at Ste. Chapelle requires me to buy another case . . . and they have some lovely white wines and shipping is cheap.

And this is a man and his dog.  



Cindy said...

This definitely looks like a trip I would love. Wine and beautiful scenery and wine. Wow, you've got a stash of wine!

Teresa said...

Oh yes, I do have a stash of wine with more coming in all the time . . . and that is a good thing because it's getting drunk rather quickly as well!