Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Idaho - 'nother day

See through those trees?

 This is Terry.  He lives two doors down from Dena.  He has horses and he likes to ride 'em.  He also likes to share them with friends.

 Everytime we visit, he comes down and asks if That Other Girl wants to come out and ride.  She always wants to and she always rides.

 Terry makes her pose for Mom's camera, even if she complains.  I like that about him.  I like pictures of everything and rarely get them of this child.

Do you know what happens when you call alpaca?

 They run as fast as they can toward you (or is it toward the food?).

On this particular day, we had the brilliant idea of splitting the girls off and moving them to the front pasture where there is more fresh green grass.

 We figured the nursing (and possibly pregnant) mama needed more to eat.

 And we figured the other girls could use the extra too - they aren't nearly as friendly as the boys and as a result aren't nearly as fat.

Moving them meant a lot of running around and chasing animals.  I'm proud to say that I caught (yes, in my arms) at least three alpaca and moved them from one pasture to the other.

 Then the girls in the front pasture cried and cried until we moved a boy in with them.  That fawn colored paca is Polo and he cried and cried until he got moved into the girl pasture.

Dena also has attack ducks.  The boy (standing) chased me every time I went outside - likes to nibble the backs of your ankles as you walk.  Good thing it doesn't hurt or he'd have gotten a good swift kick in the beak.


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