Saturday, April 28, 2012

Catch up

First, a little more Stitches South Stuff.  This was a coaster that we knit in a market session (a one hour class).  The interesting thing about this is that the cables are knit one at a time but all end up joined together without sewing.  First you knit the one on the right, then the center one and last the one on the left.  The top coaster is the finished item . . . the bottom has the first two cables knit and the stitches for the third are on the lavender waste yarn.  It's a very cool technique.

 These are Dena's bits and bobs from her Tips and Tricks with Lily Chin class.  She learned how not to have that jog in the cast off on a sleeve, how to knit a button into a sweater, and how to get perfectly spaced buttonholes among other things.

 One more example from the Join as You Go crochet class.  Dena did this one . . . I guess I will never be a prolific crocheter.

And Dena's colors from the Color Without Theory class - only they weren't nearly this dull in person.

 A picture of Dena because I have it.  I had so much fun when she visited and now it's just me, sitting here knitting alone.  Sad.

 This is the yarn we got for the second Smell the Roses club installment from The Unique Sheep.  I loved the shawl pattern from the first one and the yarn too.  The yarn was a gorgeous pale pink and soft and lovely with a tiny bit of shine.  There were three installments in this club and we had both hoped that the colors would vary as much as roses do.  This is the second yarn we got - pale pink.  My shipment was the yarn on the right in the picture - a little more peach and a little less pink.

The folks at The Unique Sheep tried to tell us that these weren't both pale pink shipments but you be the judge.  The shawl that's finished and blocked is mine - it's very pale pink with just a hint of peach.  The unblocked shawl is Dena's and I would call that a pale strawberry pink, brighter than mine but still sort of pale.  However, as far as I can see, all four yarns would be classified as pale pink.  And sadly, the pattern that came with the second installment has issues so we'll be knitting something else with that lovely soft, pale pink yarn.

 This is my poor sad miniature rose.  It got black spot on the leaves and when DH treated them, they all fell off.  There are actually four roses in the pot - two or three are yellow and one or two is/are yellow with red/orange edges.  I love these roses.  They bloomed like mad for me last year.  I can only see leaves coming back on two plants so I'm worried about them.

One of the plants - not one with leaf buds - is blooming.  What a brave little plant.  I sure hope they all survive.

 And my one last, lonely peony bud is starting to open.  It's smaller than a lot of peonies but I'll take what I can get.

Gratuitous cute dog pic.  Casey decidedly does not like it when Dena comes so we can go to Stitches.  She hates being left home alone and that's what happens when Dena comes to visit.  Poor baby.

The garter stitch shawl that never ends is finally finished.  It's gorgeous.  You can't see the colors here because the shawl is wet.  You can see that the wing span is about 5 feet across.  I have a fan blowing on it so hopefully it will dry fairly quickly.  Then I will take better pictures of it and mail it off to it's new home.

And last, but not least, here is a shot of That Other Girl doing lots and lots and lots of homework.  When she finishes that, she's going to have lots and lots and lots more.  


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Bree at "Bree's Way" said...

I would say yes, they are bot pale pink, just different shades of pink. Maybe they were trying to say the name of the yarn isn't "Pale Pink" who knows, people get persnickity... but yes, anyone who isn't color blind and can see various shades of color and tint and hue, can see, they are both pale pink, just slightly different shades of it.

BTW, your shawls are beautiful!