Monday, April 16, 2012

I like wine, it's so fine . . .

 Remember all this wine that I have in my garage?  There are 24 bottles of red and about another dozen bottles of white or pink.  I have no place to put it.

Worse yet, another case was delivered on Friday.  This is the stuff DH was waiting to arrive.

This stuff has pretty fishy labels that he likes.

The wine has been stored in the garage so far, in the shipping cartons it was in when it arrived.  It cannot stay in the garage - well it shouldn't.  It's going to get hot in there - really hot.  When it's over 100 degrees here in the summer, the garage gets very hot too.  It's not air conditioned.  That kind of heat cannot be good for wine.  So I talked to hubby and suggested he find a better place for it.  All my wine (the whites and pinks) will fit in a fridge and it will be fine as long as the fridge doesn't break.  That's because when a fridge breaks it quits being a fridge and becomes an oven.  

Don't even ask me how I know that.  I don't want to talk about it.

Anyway, Hubby decided he wanted to move the wine to the basement and he thought storing it in the utility closet where the furnace and water heater are was a good idea.  Once again, I said no because that closet get hot too and I don't want my nice wine ruined.  Mine will fit in the fridge and be mostly safe.

He went to Costco the other day and found this put it together yourself wine rack - they are made to be stackable - and we really should have two cuz we have that much wine.  But one is better than none and my wine will fit in the fridge so it doesn't need to take up space on the rack.  Hubby started to put it together and fortunately the battery on the electric drill died.  I say fortunately because he was putting it together backwards and I had to take it apart and fix it.  If the drill hadn't died so quickly, I would have had a lot more work taking it apart than putting it back together.

Someone needs to haul more wine down to the basement from the garage  . . .  not me because my wine fits in the fridge.



Cindy said...

If I only lived closer I'd bring the chocolate . . .

Robin said...

I, personally, think you should keep your wine in the fridge. I would if I were you.