Monday, April 2, 2012

Idaho Visit - Llamas

 The two critters on the right of this photo are llamas and the rest are alpaca.  The critter in the center is That Other Girl's baby llama - Dai.

This is a better shot of Dai.  She's about the same size as the alpaca, but very much still a baby.  She eats some hay, but is always behind mama and always protected by mama.

 Check out the close up of that fleece.  Yes, it is every bit as soft as it looks.  Kid llama - is that what you call it?

 That Other Girl having way too much fun feeding the alpacas - well, really only the mama llama Tanna is getting any of those pellets!

 Gramma came out to watch and help.  

 Both the girl and gramma seemed to be having fun.  The alpaca were certainly enjoying it thoroughly!

One more shot of Tanna and Dai - the two herd llamas.

Dena and I visited this winery - Ste. Chapelle.  It's my favorite and I fully intend to visit it and taste their wine every time I visit Idaho - whether Dena likes it or not.

There was playtime with the dogs . . .

 and with the crazy cousin . . .

See?  He really is crazy.

And many knitting books came home with me.


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LadyShuttleMaker aka MadMadPotter said...

What fun! I love LOVE love Alpacas. I am determined to have one or two or three someday!