Sunday, April 8, 2012

My Own Private Idaho

 Before we left, That Other Girl was excited about our trip to Idaho and with good reason.  She told her guitar teacher and the owner of the music store where she was going when she let them know she would be missing a lesson.  They both started to tease her about her own private Idaho (from the B52's song).  She had the clever idea of bringing them each back Their Own Private Idaho.  So she dug up a baggie full of dirt and we put some dirt, some moss, some rocks and a couple of little plants in a tupperware container, filled the top with little styrofoam bits (major mistake, by the way) and brought some Idaho home with us.

 Then we found a couple of clear plastic little containers and filled them with dirt (and a bit of leftover aquarium gravel for drainage).

 We had to sort the dirt from the grass plants and we had to sort the styrofoam from the plants.

 Someone else got hold of the camera for a period of time and, well, she's trouble.

 We added bits of moss, plants and a few rocks to each little terrarium.

 We did our level best NOT to add styrofoam bits to each little terrarium but I cannot begin to describe how difficult it is to remove these things from everything.

Casey helped.  She brought her favorite sheep toy to help too.  They were a big help.

The result was two little Private Idaho terrariums for the teacher and the store owner.  And then we put the rest of the dirt, moss, plants, rocks and pine trees into a bit terrarium for us.  Now we have our own Private Idaho too.



** jess! ** said...

That was a super cute idea! I'm scared to death of those little balls. When I had Livi, I went and threw away all our pillows that were stuffed with them. I was just plagued by the thought of them coating her throat.

** jess! ** said...

Livi just spent the last five minutes playing with your llama and fish (literally) She'd still be playing with them if I hadn't of gotten tired of watching while she was sitting on my lap. lol

Dena said...

does this mean you aren't coming out to the real Idaho any more :(