Sunday, January 30, 2011

White and Fluffy

The white and fluffy things have been extremely adorable lately. They could be polar bears or maybe dogs, it really is hard to tell. They miss Maddie and Thomas. A lot.

But the neighbors across the street are moving out and littlest white and fluffy has a friend over there that he has to visit (and then play in the mud).

It has been raining and melting snow here and everything is very muddy. Does things to White and Fluffy things - like make them unWhite and unFluffy.

I remembered that way back when there were lots of horses around here that the boys used Tail 'n Mane to keep the tails untangled and it worked. I did Big White and Fluffy - he has the most tangles and after the shampoo and conditioner he only had three tangles and that was because I didn't get those spots. Daddy came home and bath was over.

The stuff sells for about $4 a bottle and is available in department stores in the pet department and in the human hair care aisle. It is wonderful on long (and short) human hair.

Now to find the energy to give Little White and Fluffy his bath. You can tell that one is Whiter and Fluffier. But neither of them seem to care if they aren't White and Fluffy.

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