Monday, January 24, 2011

Totoro Progress and Make 1

One of the Totoros:

How to do a M1 increase for Totoro.

Make one is a lifted increase that uses the horizontal bar between two stitches to create a new stitch.
First, find that bar.  It helps a little to stretch the two stitches apart.

Insert the tip of the right hand needle under the bar and lift it up.

Place the lifted bar onto the right hand needle so you can knit it.

Insert the right hand needle through the back of the lifted yarn - this will twist it when you knit the stitch and keep a hole from forming in your work.  
Knit the stitch as you normally would - except thru the back loop.

Drop that lifted bar after you've knit it and you have created a new stitch.


VA said...

This is the best explanation of how to do the m1 stitch that I've come across. Figuring out the twist was throwing me, but now I get it. Thanks!

Teresa said...

Hope it helps you learn a new trick - even if you don't use it on this project!