Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Tea but No Tatting

Last Tuesday we didn't tat but we did Tea.  Mom had another appointment with her retina specialist for another shot in the eye to try to control her macular degeneration.
I can not imagine a worse disease to happen to a fiber artist than to lose your eyesight.
The great news was that mom's degeneration is halted, at least temporarily and she did not need a shot in the eyeball.
We went to a new tea house to celebrate - we went to the Shangria-La Tea House.  It was a buddhist vegetarian tea house with amazing teas and even greater tea sets.  I can't show pictures of the tea sets in case mom bought some as gifts for people.  And some of the ones that she might have bought might have been identical to the ones they served our tea in, so I can't show that lovely tea set and warmier either.
So I will tell you that the tea was delicious, the service excellent, the tea sets amazing and the food was awesome.
Oh, and they had done the most intresting thing with the flourescent lights to cut down on that flickering thing - they covered them with sheer pieces of fabric.  I thought it was a nice  and easy decorating solution.

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