Wednesday, January 12, 2011

How fast can a knit nut knit?

I can't knit fast enough.  I can find, very quickly, patterns to knit .  I can find, very very quickly, very beautiful yarn to knit with.
But I can't knit fast enough to keep up with myself.
The Christmas knitting is done and so is the Baby knitting. 

I am on the last skein of the birthday scarf but I did not have the yarn for the birthday socks.  I thought I had the yarn - I had a wonderful Nordic yarn in the white and red that I needed.  I had found the yarn in my stash and pulled it out and put it in a project bag so everything would be ready when I reached that project.  Since I have to make up the pattern, I didn't bother printing out a pattern or making a wroking copy of one.  I did get my notes together and put them with the yarn.
I started my Totoro Knit-A-Long.

I got everything gathered to start the Mystery Sock Knit-A-Long on Friday.

I started the purple shawl for mom.
And I went to the yarn store.  I called first tho and asked Gail to find the yarn that I need so I could just run in and grab it and not get distracted.  Gail found the yarn and I got distracted anyway.  I got the red, green and white for the socks.  And I got some pink and black for another project.  Can you guess what it is going to be or who it is for?  It is for someone who sometimes reads this blog.  So, you can guess - what will it be and who is it for?


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Teresa said...

I bet I know what it will be and who it is for and I bet she hasn't a clue. Have you checked out her blog lately?