Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Baby Knitting

After Christmas snuck up on me and put an end to Christmas Gift Knitting, I took a break before starting the Birthday Gift Knitting since the Birthday knitting was all the gifts I had not gotten done for Christmas.
I don't have any babies and my sons are not yet married which in my book means that there are no babies on the way.  But someone where hubby works is having a baby and that was all the excuse I needed to try out a bunch of patterns that were in my favorites.  And a baby afghan is so much smaller than a regular size afghan for just trying out a pattern.

I got a chance to finally do the EZ Baby Surprise Jacket, I will have to sew it up (still) but I think that I am going to take Teresa's advice and add cuffs to the sleeves.

I really liked the way the Ten Stitch Afghan turned out - very different things going on between the front and the back.  And it was a nice easy, no thinking required, pattern to do while watching tv or talking.

The car seat cover is something that I think will come in handy.  With the hole to go over the bottom latch, the blanket shouldn't be falling out and off the baby.  The blanket can go over or under the little one.

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Tattingrid said...

Love the baby knitting! Have put aside tatting for a while and am all into knitting barets on request now. But baby knitting is nice to do too, you made great things!