Monday, January 24, 2011


This is the Discworld, which is flat and rides on the back of four giant elephants who stand on the shell of the enormous star turtle Great A'Tuin, and which is bounded by a waterfall that cascades endlessly into space.

Scientists have calculated that the chance of anything so patently absurd actually existing are millions to one.
But magicians have calculated that million-to-one chances crop up nine times out of ten.

RINCEWIND . . . Simply put, the most inept wizard to ever exist in any universe. Rincewind possesses a survival instinct that far outweighs his spellcasting, and is such a coward that (if Einstein is right) he's coming back from the other direction as a hero. Guaranteed to solve every minor problem by turning it into a major disaster.

SERGEANT FRED COLON. . . One of the longest standing members of the Ankh Morpork City Watch. An avid follower of pre-emptive patrolling: if he guards a landmark that's still there, if somebody comes to steal it, Fred Colon will be there to stop him!
(Description not taken from Terry Pratchett)

THE LIBRARIAN. . . It's the primary function of the Librarian of Unseen University to keep people from using the books, lest they wear out from all that reading. It also happens to be a primate function, given the fact that he's also a 300-lb. orangutan (transformed by a magic spell, but he prefers it so much he refuses to be re-transformed). Don't ever call him a monkey. Ever.

DEATH . . . An obvious sort of fellow: tall, thin (skeletal, as a matter of fact), and ALWAYS SPEAKS IN CAPITAL LETTERS. Generally shows up when you're dead, or just when he thinks you ought to be. Not a bad chap when you get to know him (and sooner or later, everyone gets to know him).

I knit them all using the traveling gnome pattern. I think they're pretty cool (and theres a bunch of people who've seen 'em who'd be willing to agree.) I find I can knit one over the course of my class, but I'm stuck on Carrot Ironfoundersson now until I go home and get a crochet hook so I can do his hair. I also have Granny in the works, but I'm going to make Mom do the hat brim. I'll post them when they're done.

Aren't they cute?


melainey said...

Hi Would you be kind enough to share a knitting tip with me..
How did you do the tip of rincewind beard.. Thank you..


Teresa said...

I would have emailed, but . . .

The beard was knit from the top down and knit a bit bigger than it needed to be. She left it knitted for a couple of days before she decided it was too big and ripped part of it out. That is just a little tail of yarn that is still curly from being knit and ripped. It is cute tho, isn't it?

melainey said...

I would have emailed you, but I couldnt find a link to email..
Thank you for your reply, a speedy one at that..
I made the travelling gnome, and where I joined the base to the top of nigel (gnome) I have a line, but noticed on your little guys there is no line just continuing knitting.. How did you do that it??
I am teaching my self to knit, tho Nigel looks good, if I did a rincewind he wouldnt quite look right..
Thank you for reading this message, and look forward to your reply Melainey..

Teresa said...

Hi Melainey! We adjusted the pattern to be a one piece and seamless construction because we don't like to sew. If you will email me, I will send the adjusted pattern to you by return email this evening. The email links are under the profiles - by the pictures at the top of the page. I am Teresa. The discworld gnomes were knit by Girl Far From Home and several Travelling Gnomes were knit by Dena as well.

melainey said...

Have emailed you..
Thank you very much for your guidance, and what a pleasure your blog is..