Friday, January 7, 2011

Travel Crafting

The travel gnomes needed to travel and we went with them. We headed north to take Girl Far From Home back to the Far From Home place and they sat in their little spot on the dashboard.

While I drove, Girl Far From Home continued her college level crafting. She has decided to make a gazillion little travel gnomes only hers will be something else - I will let her explain what when she feels like it.

She knit and knit, even as we crossed the border into South Carolina.

The knitting was sidelined only for short periods - like snack time.

Crossed another state line and still knitting.

Saw a gorgeous sunset over a lake near Davidson.

A new gnome joined the crew - finished somewhere in North Carolina . . . fit right in and was welcomed by all (even the lone little alien in the crowd).

Crossed another state line and finally it was too dark to continue knitting in the car.

I had to pass one of Dena's Christmas presents on to Girl Far From Home - thanks anyway Dena!

The four little gnomes are just waiting to greet the newly made fifth . . . once it is actually newly made.

It wasn't snowing but it had clearly snowed while we were gone. There are piles of snow like this all over. And it is ccoooollllddd . . . good thing Girl Far From Home has lots of knitters knitting warm things for her!

This is the school rock - the seniors paint it every so often. This is the message from the end of the first term. Look closely at the right hand side of it . . . it's been visited . . .

by travel travel gnomes!!!

Girl Far From Home found this bag in the back of my car - I use it for groceries and such. Well, I used to but Girl has decided that it's too cool to leave in my trunk. She has it now. When the sun isn't shining on it, there is no color at all - it's just black and white!

The travel gnomes wandered around the campus checking things out.

And they spent a last little bit of time together before two came home with me and two stayed Far From Home waiting for the fifth one to be finished.

Goodbye for now Girl Far From Home and two friendly gnomes . . . we'll see you soon!


H J Hess said...

Wow, traveling on I-85 North and I-77 North, you were in my neighborhood!

Teresa said...

I should come visit you sometime then - I seem to be driving that route quite frequently these days!