Monday, January 10, 2011

Snow in the South!

Look Mom! It's Snowing!!!
Do you think they will cancel school tomorrow?

Pretty, big fat flakes coming down so thick . . .

This is about how much snow we usually get.

This is Summer, Fall and Winter . . . .

Where did fall go?

The snow actually got thick enough to totally cover the grass in the yard.

The squirrels still managed to find the bird feeder - so did the birds.

Girl's car . . . notice the ice dripping off the front? That's what we are getting now, still. We are supposed to continue to get sleet and freezing rain all day. The roads are very icy - they were last night as well.

I love how the pond looks covered with snow . . .

And a friendly little cardinal hanging out under the feeder. The woodpeckers (3 different kinds) have been visiting a lot today as well.

So, guess what I'm going to be doing today? I'm going to be knitting, tatting and maybe even spinning. (I need to be spinning, I have a commission that I've been putting off for months.) Here are some of the things I'm working on today:

This is the Annis that I'm making out of the Fiesta La Luz silk. I have actually knit a lot because it starts at the outer edge with 365 stitches and I've knit about 10 or 12 rows of the lace edging. The nupps are challenging in the non-stretchy silk.

This is the Cable Cross Over sweater from Knitter's Magazine that I'm working on. I have all four pieces started and to the point where the strips are knit. I have started the strips on the first piece. The strips knit fast, but there are a lot of them to knit.

I have been tatting lately, just haven't had a lot of success with things I try to tat so there are a lot of half finished bits around. I decided to go back to something relatively easy. I really like the dragon wings coaster I made and I also liked the Spinning Glass Mat I made but can't find. So this, size 10 Garden Afternoon HDT by Yarnplayer is going to become one of those two coasters - maybe both. Size 10 thread makes a nice thick coaster that protects my wood table nicely.

I am also working on knitting the totoro but that's going to be a separate post and will come later this afternoon. . . .

This is Girl Far From Home's Santa Grass. It was a little something I found at Target and stuck in a box that I sent to her after the Great Flood and before Exams . . . I stuck in some Studying treats and other stuff to help her during her studying.
Then I found this cute little Santa container at an After Christmas sale and decided to plant one for her cat.

This is the orchid plant that a friend sent me when Dad died. It's blooming again - has been for a few weeks but I had no camera for a while there . . . It's absolutely gorgeous still though so here are some photos.


rsf said...

Lovely snow pictures!

dmr said...

Looks like here - it has een snowing all day today. It was a great day to hang out inside and knit while visiting with my youngest.