Monday, January 17, 2011

Knitting, Studying and Tipsy Tatting

I finished the first clue on the Knitter's Brewing Company Mystery Sock III KAL - the Family Jewels Sock Knit along.   I got the clue early, so was finished long before it was published for everyone else.  Since the Silk shawlette is on hold due to lack of yarn and the totoro is just about finished, well, I thought I would make Girl Far From Home a pair of Family Jewels since I had this Danido of Dyed by Danido dye in her favorite colors (watermellon pink and lime green, even if the picture makes it look orange).  
I got out my needles and went to try a different toe cast on - watching a video.  Well, the cast on is more difficult than the one I use, but the yarn ends up in EXACTLY the same place, so I used mine.  While I was casting on though, I discovered that my needles were two different sizes . . . oops!  So I had to go upstairs and undo what I had knit and start over with two needles the same size.  I had the Divine Miss M help me get the needles straightened out since they must have been in the wrong packages for me to get two different sizes out of the same baggie.  She helped and I had two same size needles so I cast on and knit the toes.  The knitting was tough on my hands and I figured that it was just because it was such fine yarn.  This morning, I checked the toes against the ones I knit last week only to discover the new ones are a good bit smaller.  Oops again!  
It seems that my needles were the same size, but both of them were the wrong size.  I wanted to use 2.75 mm and accidently ended up with 2.25 mm.  No wonder the sock was coming out too small.  No wonder it was killing my hands to knit it that tight.  So, once again, I ripped.  This time I triple checked my needle size and started yet again.
The toes are all knit again and this time, the size is a dead on match to the first ones - which by the way are a dead on match to guage.  Both toes in both yarns are done now - that's four toes for four feet.

While I was knitting and reknitting toes, someone was cleaning out her book bag.  She needed to do that to get ready to go back to school tomorrow - she's had a full week off and yesterday  is when she finally got around to cleaning her book bag.  

The paper sorting and cleaning was still going on most of the day today.

It's been mentioned on here before that my sister and coauthor, Dena, has breast cancer.  She's going in for her first mammogram since all of her treatments tomorrow.
As with any other test, she has been studying and studying hard for it.
 Being the good and loving sister that I am, I've been studying right along with her for the test . . .
I studied with the pink champaign.
I studied with the boxed wine . . . lots to study in that box!

I'm studying while I finish my tatting tonight . . . 

And when I run out of other stuff, I'm going to study with the really good stuff.

Keep my sister in your thoughts and prayers . . . help her study tonight if you have a mind to.


Lace-lovin' Librarian ~ Diane said...

I'm doing a little tipsy tatting tonight myself... celebrating the birth of my nephew's first child!

I will definitely keep your sister in my prayers.

dmr said...

Thank you to everyone who helped me study. I passed.
This mammogram showed no cancer. Now go on to celebrate - same as studying but with more.