Friday, January 7, 2011

Christmas Knitting

I did a lot of knitting for Christmas presents so I couldn't brag about it here - the recipients read the blog. But I haven't been just doing the nothing that I haven't even written about.

Brenda got a Magnificent Mantle.

Tall, Dark and Kilted got a pair of kilt hose in a large shepherd dice with the under cuff knit in elastic.

The Girl Far From Home got a hat in her school colors - one inside the lace and the lace in the other color.  Teresa got a Travel Gnome and she already posted a photo of it on the blog.

Lorilee and all the girls at water aerobics got water aerobics hats

Jack got a Zero (Jack is named for Jack Skellington - for reals).

Jennifer got a Magnificent Mantle.

Jennifer got a scarf.
Jon got a scarf.


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Tattingrid said...

Whow, you have been busy. You knitted real nice things! Trust that the recipients appreciated all your work.