Wednesday, October 1, 2008

I love a good sale!

I had been admiring this bag at Michaels since it first appeared there. There is a canvas version and then there is this version that is plastic coated canvas. It's just about the perfect size - not so big I can fill it full of so much stuff I cannot pick it up and not so small that I cannot get a sweater or other decent sized project in it. And it has outside pockets that I can put a cell phone or wallet or whatever in instead of lots of inside pockets for needles and stuff I don't carry with me.

Best of all was the price. Like I said, I've been admiring it for about a year and it's been the same price all that time. Today, everything was 1/2 price. They had these two types of bags and a clear plastic yarn tube with holes at each end, an open top tote, and several types of needle cases. All were half price. So the three little bags were $3.99 each and the big bag was $11.99. Even the Divine Miss M couldn't say no to that price and she is usually very strict about my not buying knitting bags.

The one little one has a pair of socks on two circular needles just to show how big they are - there is plenty of room in there for that and even bigger balls of yarn. The big one has cardboard in it - knitting will go in later. I figure I can put the little one in the car and just leave it there. That way I will always have something to knit when I end up having to wait somewhere.

Cool, hunh?

Here's a link to the Michael's page where they describe the line of bags & accessories:

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