Thursday, October 30, 2008

Mom's House

All of you have been waiting anxiously to see mom's house here in Idaho. Your wait is finally over. Mom has a wee log cabin situated with picturesque views of mountains and trees. She has a place for company and would love to have any or all of her children come to visit her.

You may not know this, but planes, and trains, and buses, and roads all go to Idaho. We are quite civilized these days and even have a store or two.

On the front of her house, Mom has a deck with four rocking chairs. Fred installed a ceiling fan on the deck for additional breeze on hot muggy nights. As you can kind of see, her house is nestled in amongst pine and walnut trees, supplying a breeze on summer nights and protection from the wind during our winters. One of the pictures shows the front deck from inside the house but was taken before my husband got the rockers assembled.

Between her front deck and her back door is her garden. It is filled with irises, fruit trees, fringe tree, and other stuff we planted but I forget the names of. If you came in the spring you could enjoy its colors.

In the one picture you can see my husband picking up the last of the chairs from mom's birthday party (which none of her other children came to).

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