Friday, October 3, 2008

Strange, very strange . . .

This is a picture of my passiflora pura vida purple blooming from July. It bloomed a lot this summer and that's part of what makes it one of my favorite. The other part is the color - I just love the deep purple of this one and the camera just cannot seem to catch how really deep the purple is on these petals.

This flower is on the same plant, in the same pot, in the same place, under pretty much exactly the same conditions. The petals are still the same lovely, deep purple that the camera doesn't catch right. But look at the filaments in this picture and the other picture. These are black and the others are white. Very strange, indeed. I've checked and checked to make sure that another vine didn't infiltrate the pot and there is only one plant in there and this is not the end of another vine. And, in fact, I don't have a passion flower that's supposed to be this color. I'm not sure which flower I like better, I really like them both.

And this is my staghorn fern. The fern that lives in the pot it's sharing almost died last winter, not because of the cold but because it didn't get enough water. It was so rootbound and had so little dirt (dh planted it and the pot was way more than half empty) that even watering it every day wouldn't have helped. I repotted the dead fern and it's coming back nicely thank you. But when I repotted it, I put the staghorn down in the dirt with it, instead of in the small seperate pot on top of the dirt. It seems to be VERY happy this way and has more than trippled in size this summer.

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