Friday, October 31, 2008

SAFF - Southeastern Animal Fiber Fair

Some pics from my recent visit to Asheville NC and SAFF. This is our second year going and it was more fun this year than last. Last year, we drove up on Saturday morning and came back on Sunday afternoon (well, we got lost, so it was Sunday night, but it was SUPPOSED to be afternoon). We didn't take and classes last year, just shopped, did a little sightseeing and had a wonderful dinner in town. This year, we took classes - lots of classes! (Pics of those and the results later.)
The first pic is an overview of the main sales area in McGough Arena. There was another big sales area in the sales barn - lots of vendors out there with lots of good things.

Some angora goats - big and little . . . .

Some Jacob Sheep Rams:

The big gray boy is a Romney, not sure what the baby with the brown around his eyes is, but he was cute!

This is a Finn ram lamb that was for sale - very cute little guy.

My favorite tho had to be Spencer, pictured with his 11 year old girl in the last shot. The young lady bottle fed Spencer, and he seems to think he's her baby. My travelling companion and I were admiring Spencer when his girl showed up. She put her hand thru the bars of his pen and his little stub of a tail started wagging like crazy! She opened the gate to the pen and he tried hard to come out to greet her. She went in and he couldn't contain himself - wagging his tail and rubbing on her. When she ignored him, he leaned on her and, as you can see, he's not a small or lightweight animal. The entire time she was in the pen telling us about him, he was rubbing on her, nudging her hands, leaning on her or somehow touching her and encouraging her to touch him. He was more like a dog than a sheep.

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