Friday, October 17, 2008

I'm still knitting the same things - the red/black sweater is coming along but I might have to rip it out because I'm not really getting gauge. I have to decide if it will be big enough even if it's smaller than I planned. The sheep bag is up to the second color of green and the intarsia between the two greens is done, finally. I remember why I quit knitting intarsia. I need to start a pair of socks or something else simple to take along with me next weekend. Either that or I need to rip the black/red sweater and start it over. Maybe I need to do both.

Meanwhile, some flowers. First is passiflora amethystina - which is pretty and fragrant, but small (only about 2" across). Then we have citrina which is smaller and not fragrant, but a non-stop bloomer as long as you keep it in the shade and it's not too hot. Last, we have a passion fruit on Lady Margaret. I didn't pollinate the flower, so I don't know what it's crossed with but when I sent a girl out to take pics, she came back with a pic of it.

And this last pic is of a Halloween costume. Not sure exactly what the costume is, but it's pretty neat and someone likes it a lot.

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