Thursday, October 30, 2008

Mom's House - The Prequel

Everyone knows that the prequel comes out after the main event. Here is a taste of how mom's house got there.

First we picked out a site tucked under the trees for shade and protection from the winter winds, with a view of the trees.

Then we got a bunch of slave labor - I mean strong healthy young men - and had them dig and dig and dig. Dig for the sewer connection, the electrical connection, the water connection.

We set mom down and made her supervise the digging. We let Alf and Fritz supervise the digging and we let them dig a little also. We let Fred supervise the digging. They let me take the pictures because I wasn't qualified to supervise.

When it got very very hot, we went inside, the boys lay all the pipe and filled in all the holes in the yard.

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CottageCrafts said...

I can see why you took a certain photo in this post, the builder (?) in the yellow t shirt leaning on his shovel wearing shades....HELLOOOOooooooo baby!!!!!