Monday, October 6, 2008


Back from the dead are the turquoise socks in the Flame Wave pattern. This time knit on a much larger needle and tho you cannot see much difference between these and the originals, these are much looser. Just about ready to start the heel because she doesn't want them to be too long. I need to back up about 4 rows because there are some loose stitches that look funny to me.

And progress has been made on the Norwegian sweater as well. I'm done with the second pattern repeat. I need to chart out the sleeves and get started on them.
I'm also going to start the Grazing sheep bag today. I put the chart into Stitch & Motif maker last night and extended it so I can make a larger sized bag. I need to print it out and order a bit more yarn so that it can be bigger. I'll cast on for it today because the knit a long technically started yesterday.
And I thought for a minute that I wanted to make Hey Teach from Knitty, but now I'm thinking I might make something from Viking Patterns for Knitting. Either way, it'll be something knit with a fine yarn because I think that looks better.

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