Friday, October 31, 2008

Mom's House inside

Here are the pictures of the inside of mom's house. There is one looking down the hallway past the kitchen and into the bedroom and one looking down the hallway from the bedroom looking through the living room and out onto the deck.

I decided to upload the floorplan so you would have an idea of what the house looked like. You can use your imagination and fill in the photos with the rooms.

Mom has the optional shower, no ladder or loft, does have the drawers in the closet and the space for her washer/dryer in the bedroom.

Where it says tv below mom is putting in a fake fireplace this weekend. In the photos it is right next to the bookcase even with her sewing machine.

Mom's house is absolutely adorable and you should all come and see it in person. Her couch is a hide-a-bed and with my boys gone, I have a spare bedroom or even two (depends on which boys are home). We would all love to have you visit us here.

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