Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Progress and preparation:

Ok, so I'm making progress on some of the things I have on the needles, but not all. The green socks are languishing right now because I'm not at all sure the gauge is correct and I don't feel like ripping that yarn out again. (If you remember, I ripped it out as a shawl 2 or 3 times.) They are in time out in a bag that a lovely lady in Pennsylvania hand painted for me a few years ago. I will bring them out when I'm done being mad at them.
Meanwhile, the turquoise socks for Miss M are coming along nicely. I love the Flame Wave pattern from Favorite Socks. And knit just a little tighter than guage in the small size will give the perfect socks for the girl.

And the Norwegian Sweater I'm making for me is coming along nicely. I did a huge gauge swatch for it and measured twice and calculated several times and checked it against my favorite sweater. I think it might be a little too small, but I've decided to knit a couple more inches and then put it on yarn and try it on before I decide. Gonna be mad if I do all that work and find out it's too small, but I'll be madder if I decide it's too small now and then redo it and find out it's too big. I am liking the look of it so far. And the material feels ok too.

And in preparation for my next project . . . . .
I've pulled this yarn and book out of the corner. I think I want to make the bag bigger than it is supposed to be because the size quoted in the book will be less useful to me than something bigger. And besides that, I want sheep on both sides and don't I deserve that? I know that you haven't made yours yet, so I've pm'd someone on Ravelry to ask how much yarn they used and which colors I might need extra on. She already said in her notes that the dark green was tight, so I'm guessing more of that. Are you two ordering anything from Knit Picks anytime soon?

And more importantly, would you like to join this knit along since you have bags to make too?

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