Friday, September 26, 2008

Everyone is knitting socks . . . .

Sock knitting has become so popular these days! I must say that even I've knit quite a few pair lately. It never occured to me that it would get so popular that the girls would take it up, but there ya go!

Miss M started this about a year ago as a Christmas Stocking for her crazy cat, Billy. She's got my very nice (and expensive) Colonial rosewood circular needles tied up in it. She might finish it if I threaten to take them out.

This is a sock that Miss S started two days ago, just after I gave her the pink socks that I made for her. She showed them off in her theater class and apparently someone liked them so she decided to make a pair herself. She made a mistake while decreasing for the gusset and asked me to help her find and fix it. It was right at the first or second decrease row, but I fixed it for her. She's doing a nice job and working fairly quickly - at least on the first sock.

And this is a present that arrived in the mail earier in the week. I opened it and peeked, but I didn't dare read the whole thing. If I read it all now, what will I do next year?

Thank you Mom! I love Stephanie Pearl-McPhee and I wanted her never not knitting calendar! It was so nice of you to give it to me.

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